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The website has launched! by Mack on 19-Aug-2014 12:19pm UTC


Welcome to the launch of the website!

Things might be a little rough around here but hopefully it'll all liven up soon... soon enough for the launch of Carbon at least! Stay tuned for more details coming shortly.

What is Carbon?

Well it's two things:

  1. an engine for running 2.5D top-down style MMOs that is both simple and very flexible and
  2. it's also a game built using that engine. Carbon Online tells the story of a colony ship sent out into the stars from a dying Earth in the late 23rd century.

Players play the role of the various colonists that traveled aboard the ship. However the world the colonists find themselves on isn't as habitable as they hoped nor as utopian!

| The UES Diamond; a technological marvel constructed in the late 23rd century. A carbon time-capsule designed to travel the void between the stars. A starship built to transport millions of human colonists from a dying Earth to a distant habitable world, a place for humanity to start over. | | The Diamond's intended voyage was to last one hundred and twenty years, travelling to the distant world of Alpha Majoris V, an idyllic eden where humanity could flourish again. Instead we have awoken to find ourselves under foreign stars in an unknown region of space. We do not know how long we have slept nor how far we have traveled. | | The UES Diamond is trapped in a unique anomaly in orbit of a world we now call Io Vulcanis. The ship is uninhabitable and must be abandoned. With Earth so far behind us and an uncertain and difficult future ahead we must now band together and tame this world. | | Humanity must survive.

In Carbon Online players fight for control over the planet and it's limited resources as they try to recreate civilization and make a name for themselves. Players can capture bases and resources and set up guilds to protect those interests. The world of Carbon isn't safe nor easy!

Come hang out!

Come chat with us on the forums! Or follow my twitter @Macksaur or this news page's RSS feed for updates!

I'll be updating this page and site regularly as things progress so make sure to stay tuned!

Posted 16-Aug-2014 3:54pm UTC
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