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Lighting engine, gore, playerlist and VoIP by Mack on 19-Sep-2014 1:48am UTC


So much has changed since the last update! Argh! Why do I keep putting updates off?!

Some of the biggest changes include a revamp to the lighting engine and the start of a day/night cycle. One of the most impressive uses of the lighting engine is now gunplay! Bullets streak across the map, lighting it up during night time and have very satisfying impact blasts. It's really hard to take a picture of; but in motion it looks great. You'll have to believe me!

Another big change is the introduction of gore and the health bar! Taking damage results in some over the top blood squirts with a chance of bleeding over time to make that epic chase scene look the part.

The playerlist has also been implemented! It keeps track of who's online and where your buddies are at. It will hopefully also allow instant messaging very soon, it just needs some more work. Further plans include the addition of IRC-like chat rooms for things such as your guild, global trade or even just group chat.

And finally the next biggest addition to Carbon is VoIP! What is VoIP? Voice over IP allows players to chat with a microphone to other players on the same level and say a real hello to their fellow players. VoIP will allow for quick communication when you're raiding with your buddies.

What do you think? Carbon is really coming along! Bring on October!

Back to work for me though... I have to get Carbon to automatically patch now...

Posted 19-Sep-2014 1:48am UTC
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