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Patching, Inventory and Dynamic Projectiles by Mack on 27-Sep-2014 8:24am UTC


Patching is complete! Carbon can now update itself when there's new content! It's fairly automated and can easily be skipped/ignored if you don't want to immediately update (useful perhaps for limited bandwidth?). The patching code now also allows installation of Carbon from a single launcher exe, which is great for maintaining a clean and compact download of the game.

Inventory is also coming along well, it's now possible to really go ham on adding things to the game. Several new weapons are being prototyped, one of which that works really well is the rail gun! Rail guns are unlike the other projectile weapons in that their bullet travel time is instantaneous and does high damage with precision. It takes skill to aim such a weapon! Also, if a rail gun were to explode, it'd look cool, right?

Dynamic projectiles are a subject I keep coming back to. The way that projectiles are implemented in Carbon allows them to be precalculated or evaluated on a somewhat frame-by-frame basis. What this means is that projectiles don't have to travel in straight and linear paths. They can change speed, direction or even do something unique at random points along their trajectory. This is why rail guns were easy to implement on top of the existing code but it got me thinking about what other kind of projectiles could be implemented.

I'd like to share some ideas to hopefully stir your imagination of some of the things players could encounter or perhaps even make themselves down the line on Carbon:

  • Beam based weapons are very much like the rail gun implementation, except that they can be sustained and redirected. They also don't have to be instantaneous and can be dragged like a stream of water/plasma instead of travelling near instantaneously like light.
  • Weaving projectiles that rotate and spin or sway along their trajectory are very easy to implement, such as propelled rockets that spin around each other to maintain their accuracy across longer distances. This also covers tracking and allows rockets to lock and home in on targets.
  • Propelled objects are also similar to the existing implementation. Though instead of bullets or energy, dynamic objects can instead move along the path of the projectile. This covers all kinds of simple grenades and more exotic ideas such as reactive projectiles that do things after impact, such as ignite a location or release toxic goo.
  • Bouncing/reflecting projectiles is also another possibility. Projectiles that skim off the side of a wall at shallow angles can perhaps bounce and continue travelling along their path. More rubbery and solid projectiles could even bounce at wild angles and be unpredictable when they strike walls and objects.

These are just some ideas covering projectiles I wanted to type up. It's too easy to forget when making a game that variety in not only weapons but in how they operate is more fun than having only a few predictable and otherwise same-y variants that only really change in spray pattern or damage. I really want to push Carbon in the direction of more variety!

Thanks for reading!


Posted 27-Sep-2014 8:24am UTC
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