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OSX Build by Angel_Graal on 20-Sep-2015 5:54pm UTC


Looking for a OSX build, Anytime soon?

Posted 20-Sep-2015 5:54pm UTC

Semi works under wine! Login prompt gives me some problems

Posted 20-Sep-2015 5:58pm UTC

Hey Angel, thanks for the interest and testing on OS X! Sadly a native OS X build isn't going to be on the roadmap for some time. We just can't afford the time spent on equipment or porting the code at present. I'm glad Wine is working out though, that's promising!

The servers are offline atm and will stay down until the next big patch which is looking to be after Christmas, early 2016. Once that patch is ready the servers will go back up.

Sorry for the late reply, between repeated computer issues and moving apartment I've been swamped!

Posted 25-Oct-2015 8:31pm UTC
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