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Carbon Online Pre-Alpha Launch Plans by Mack on 19-Aug-2014 12:19pm UTC


Carbon will be aiming to launch mid-October with planned content to include:

  • A small and dangerous world to explore and conquer (~400,000 sq ft.)
  • Player-vs-player combat with permadeath features such as dropping some gear/consumables when killed
  • Capture points that contain loot and generate points
  • Rewards and bonuses for PvP combat
  • Weekly/monthly highscores and rewards for players and guilds
  • A simple guild system to allow you to play with friends and capture locations

As with most games in pre-alpha, alpha or even beta this list of features is in no way final and may change at any point without notice! However, we'll try! Any content that doesn't make it for the launch will most likely be added over time. The beauty of Carbon is that it will be constantly evolving, changing and growing!

Why would we launch so early and in such an unpredictable state you ask?! Because the community that forms around this game will be very important and have a direct impact on shaping the game! Come chat!

Here's some screenshots so far...

Posted 16-Aug-2014 3:54pm UTC
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