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[faq] What is Carbon Online? by Mack on 19-Aug-2014 12:19pm UTC


Carbon online is a 2.5D sci-fi MMO RPG set in a relatively near future (and plausible) scenario in which humanity has sent a colony ship into deep space to colonize a new world due to the Earth becoming uninhabitable and severely depleted of resources.

Needless to say the dangers of space have interfered and the players find themselves on a desolate world and not their planned destination and instead must face the fact of colonizing a habitable but relatively cruel and barren world instead. The intro text sets the scene best:

| The UES Diamond; a technological marvel constructed in the late 23rd century. A carbon time-capsule designed to travel the void between the stars. A starship built to transport millions of human colonists from a dying Earth to a distant habitable world, a place for humanity to start over. | | The Diamond's intended voyage was to last one hundred and twenty years, travelling to the distant world of Alpha Majoris V, an idyllic eden where humanity could flourish again. Instead we have awoken to find ourselves under foreign stars in an unknown region of space. We do not know how long we have slept nor how far we have traveled. | | The UES Diamond is trapped in a unique anomaly in orbit of a world we now call Io Vulcanis. The ship is uninhabitable and must be abandoned. With Earth so far behind us and an uncertain and difficult future ahead we must now band together and tame this world. | | Humanity must survive.

In the game players will find themselves face-to-face with other colonists that are also trying to survive and as a result conflict is common and factions have splintered. Players will capture bases and fight for limited resources as part of factions or perhaps they will go rogue and claim territory for themselves and make their own name.

In the pre-alpha we plan to have weekly and monthly high scores for things such as bases captured/held, resources obtained/stolen etc. Other content will follow as time goes on.

Carbon is designed to be a light weight engine that is easy to produce content for and we have big plans for much more detailed systems once the game and community begin to grow. By starting small and working with light and agile design practices Carbon can launch sooner and have the players make an impact on how the game grows and evolves.

Come chat with us on the forums! Or follow my twitter @Macksaur or the news page's RSS feed for updates!

Posted 19-Aug-2014 3:51am UTC
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