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[faq] When will Carbon launch? by Mack on 19-Aug-2014 12:19pm UTC


The initial pre-alpha launch is planned for mid-October. Pre-alpha you ask? That's right! Rather than being a feature complete game that takes hundreds of people years to make we want to make a small game that can snowball into something special and we want our community to help roll that snowball over time with us to create not just another game or product but a really fun and engaging experience and community that we can share and be a part of.

What if all the planned content isn't ready for October?! Expect it not to be then! We're shipping it anyway! Carbon is designed to be extremely light and agile to develop for. What this means is we can push content out to players almost immediately as it's developed and tested. We can have incredibly quick turnaround on gameplay and create features and content that people enjoy with speed and ease. We're not frightened by not having a complete game immediately because our players can help us grow and help choose what content we create.

Posted 19-Aug-2014 3:52am UTC
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