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World Building, Combat Mechanics and Prototyping by Mack on 22-Aug-2014 6:05am UTC


World Building

I've spent the last few days working on the engine support for large joined maps and made great progress and squashed many bugs. Currently there's a 5x5 world planned for the pre-alpha and here's what it looks like so far:

I plan to add at least one more outpost, using a different more frontier-sy building style, and at least another few enterable areas. Perhaps a cave system? I would also like to fix the sharp, jaggy cliffs. I'll need to add a few more tiles to do that but progress so far is good!

Combat Mechanics

The most common method of fighting other players will probably be at range and that's what I've been smoothing out and testing today. Projectiles can be fired and targeted using the mouse and movement is WASD-based. I'm really enjoying how it feels and I think it can only improve with better and more polished sound and animation assets. It's fun to spam! Pew pew! I'd really love to get beam-based weapons in for the pre-alpha...

Tarquin and I tested PvP combat earlier and it was great fun, with these changes perhaps we should spar again... :D


I've also been tinkering with how I want the world to behave. The world shouldn't be simple, flat and static! It's alive too! And with that I've been playing with weather mock ups, specifically sandstorms!

Weather like this can really change how an engagement plays out, perhaps it's the ultimate getaway or instead the equalizer between both parties and causes everyone problems!

Anyway... there's lots more to do, so I better get back to it!

Posted 22-Aug-2014 6:05am UTC
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